Sunday, July 27, 2014

Open House Sunday

The Pink Palace
 in Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta
built 1926
For a mere 7 million dollars this home can be your's.
This historic home was recently the 
Atlanta Symphony's Designer Show House which explains the fabulous rooms shown here.
 The painted wall murals are original to the home.
The room as it appeared before being dressed. 
 A Wow of a kitchen.

 Remember this was a designer show house which explains why each room is a totally different 
color scheme and theme.

 more hand painted original murals


 Such a pretty blue sparkling pool!
It is quite the show place!

see full listing here and read about it here

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mod Mix Monday #160

Here we's Tuesday and I'm late with Mod Mix Monday yet again!
But I know you will forgive me. 
I have today and tomorrow off and I'm painting my dining room.
I have so many things to show that I haven't yet because I want to show them
in the newly painted dining room.
So I'm forcing myself to get it done!

Notice that cute spool lamp in the photo above?
Lots of color in that room but the nice neutral floor and wall keeps it all grounded.
But I do love that wallpaper.

Lots of cuteness in last week's Mod Mix Monday....let's roll...
 Brook of Artistic Endeavors 101 made this sweet little felted pup.
I've been dying to do some of this myself....but can't find time.
He's a doll...literally.
 Art and Sand shared a vintage garden. This was just one small area of it. I'd like to laze away the afternoon on this with the weenies.
Penny of Penny's Vintage Home shared her sweet little shabby white wagon planted full of 
ornamental hyacinth beans. I've never heard of these but aren't they pretty?
I love that she painted a wagon white.  
Cassie of Kent Heartstrings shared her nautical string art. 
Fun! Isn't it! 
 and what would a Mod Mix Monday be with out an appearance by
one of Darrielle's latest projects from DD's Cottage?
Yet, another piece I'd love to have in my own home. 
Seems Darrielle gets done all the things I imagine wanting to do.
She even sent me some fabric I admired so I could make a 
pillow or two. 

I will do as soon as I paint the dining room.

Sorry, that I have not had time to write more personal stuff of late.
I am just working and working. 

To be's some pressure....I have to maintain my quota in sales to keep my job.
So it's not all rainbows and dining chairs!

Talking someone into something is not a skill that comes naturally for me.
My skill is in finding exactly the thing you need and pulling your room together.

I'm better at suggesting where you will find what you need and at the right price
than telling you to buy this piece no matter what.

I'm convinced I'll be a success at this doing it in my way...but I build real relationships 
and trust with customers and cannot fake anything. 

I am open and honest and if I can't succeed without being so....than I will just not succeed.
But...that job brings me real happiness like last week
when I helped a couple who are retiring and downsizing to a smaller place.

They wanted something low profile and smaller.
I suggested a new sofa that we only got a low number of.
It has a very 60's feel to it.
And we special ordered some retro chairs to go with it.

That was fun!

I always tell everyone browsing in living rooms that if you don't see what you want...
we'll order what you want in whatever fabric you wish.

Our special orders are really quite reasonable. Not very much more in cost.
It all depends on the fabric you choose.
And it's only like six weeks to get your furniture.

Anyway...I love to do special orders and help people get what they REALLY want.

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I thank you for hanging in there with me.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ocean Dreams

This time of year...I always start dreaming of a beach vacation.
If I came into a huge bunch of money....I'd do all the things 
I want to do to my little cottage and I'd buy a cottage by the ocean somewhere.
I wouldn't live there all the time...but I'd want it to go to any time I wished.
This cottage would do nicely!
A few shells on a silver tray is always good.
Love the painted paneled walls and that pink coral print in this room.
A maiden hair fern is always so pretty....never thought to mix one with shells.
dreaming of the ocean

I feel like I'm totally missing this summer.
I don't like that feeling...that it's half gone and I haven't really done
anything summer like. 

But if I keep on track and work hard...perhaps by next year I can afford a week at the beach.
That would be nice... nice indeed.
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